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Social Skills

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I feel/I Choose Magnetic Board

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Here the kid reviews the faces and chooses one.   Then he/she draws out why he feels that way.

Here the kid goes through the different activities and selects one.   He/she then draws out the activity for fun and feedback. 

This kit, covered with felt, and equipped with a handy mirror, folds nicely to fit in the tightest of places.

Watch the 5 year old describe this in the vidio below 


Don't Take to Heart!

Find it here.

Your kid comes after school crying: "Charlie laughed at me."   You brand Charlie a bully and achieved nothing because Charlie is in fact not a bully!   This AMAZING book taught my kids how to deal with the Charlies of this world...   Part of "My Toolbox" series, this tops my charts.

Stories Straight from Avi's Heart

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What the book is about

Choosing a Face

Reading the Story

This is a bedtime ritual every one of my children has gone through when they reached age of 4 or 5.

When you ask most 4 year old's how they feel they would answer either sad or happy.   Their range of emotions is limited to these 2 extremes.   They are therefore limited in describing their feelings which leads to frustration, tantrums, etc.

This book was an EXCELLENT tool for our family.

My children would sit on our lap and we'd show them the menu of faces.    Too young to read, they would point to the face that they wanted either me or my wife to read, at which time we'd declare "Oh sweety, you want us to read about Avi feeling WORRIED.    This is a very important step, because this is where TWO things happened: first, their vocabulary of emotions expanded.  Second, they were able to associate the face with that emotion - it was not an abstract term, rather it was concrete.

Then we would flip to the story to the colorfully & beautifully illustrated story.   The narrative is rather short - may be 5 minutes of a read.   It gave my kids the context - the how this emotion actually plays out.


Kids Speak

A best-seller, national sensation

A series of stories told by kids, ages 8 thru 12, in their own language.   In each a kid relates a challenge he/she faced in his/her family or at school and how he/she dealt with it.

My kids were RIVETED by them because they are written in the first person ("I want to tell you"), because they are true, and because they are rivetting.    

Tears welled up in my eyes not once after I read a story here - not because the story is sad (it never is) - but because I was awed by impact I saw it imparted on my kids.


העוסקת ברגשות, הם יוכלו להביע את תחושות ליבם ולשתף אחד את השני במצבי רגשות שונים שהם חווים ובדרכי ההתמודדות איתם. בנוסף, משמש המשחק כלי עזר לשיפור ההבעה והתקשרות ומעניק אפשרות להורים להיכרות עמוקה יותר עם ילדיהם. דרך המשחק יוכלו ההורים להיכנס ללב של ילדיהם ולהבין אותם. במשחק.


What scares your child? What makes him or her feel happy, frustrated or angry? This inspirational game encourages you and your child to explore these emotions in fun, active (and sometimes very silly) ways. The game features seven basic feelings that players will first identify, then explore by drawing cards. As they play, children will discover how to recognize feelings in themselves and in others, and to cope with them in socially appropriate ways. And they'll have way too much fun to realize.

You are able to find other social skills games on their website

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