About us

Our vision

To create a free, public, lending library, where kids teens and adults can come read or check-out books that promote Jewish values.

​What's Unique about our Books?

Kids and Teens: Reading our books, kids/teens learn Jewish values such as sharing, kindness, and charity,    Moreover, they also learn practical tools to handle interpersonal conflicts and solve social problems.   Lastly, they appreciate that the human experience is not only about self-pleasure and entertainment (Curious George) but about a over-arching goal of improving the self and helping the other.

​Adults will find self-improvement books on an array of topics such as dating, shlom bayit (marital harmony), raising kids, and anger management, as well as novels that provide a kosher vehicle to recharge.

​The Benefits to You​

​t"Kids who learn how to handle interpersonal conflicts and solve social problems have a significantly lower risk of experiencing depression in childhood and later in life."  Dr. Martin Seligman, author of the Optimistic Child, in his long term study at the University of Pennsylvania.    That means, in case you need to know, happier marriages, better parenting skills, among other benefits.


So you want to impart these interpersonal conflict handling and social skills.   What would you read to them?   In the The Ugly Duckling the hero doesn't learn any skills, he doesn't grow, let alone transform himself.   It's just that with the passage of time he realizes that he's a swan.   Read Be Smart, Be Smart! Don't Take it to Heart, and see how Chedva learns how to cope with the same put-downs the Ugly Duckling faced, truly grow from them, and face up to her challenges.

​Do you want to teach your kids how to count:  What do you prefer to count?   Read Sesame Street and count cookies! or read Kibbud Av and count mitzvot such as cleaning up after oneself, or helping a sibling, or smiling to mommy, or learning a sefer, or going to sleep on time - guess who's the direct beneficiary of this book?!

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​Want some fantastic entertainment?    What does Curious George really teach?  Monkey business?   Rather, we have fantastic wonderfully illustrated and laminated kids series such as Middos World 1, 234...


​Do you want your kids to have friends?   Read the Lion King?  Bambi?   Or Stories Straight From Avi's Heart where your kid will learn to recognize other kids' emotions.   Kids who lack friends often misinterpret the cues sent by their peers.   This book is an INVALUABLE tool that imparts lifelong skills.


If you read Sesame Street, Curious Geoerge, and Amelia Badilia now, don't be surprised that your grown up will lock himself in a room to read Harrie Potter, then insist on watching the movie and going on rides - all about self pleasure, momentary fleeting pleasure.   If you read Burksfield Bike Club, then later they'll read books about tzadikim - all about searching for mitzvot, and performing good deeds.