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Audio policies

  • Some of the audio the library makes available was created by the authors themselves.

  • Other audio is home-made by kids

  • The audio is available on a USB stick, not by email nor online

  • Only one physical USB stick is available to check out per book in the library.

  • Only a library patron may check-out a USB stick

  • A USB Stick is a regular library item that needs to be returned and is subject to late fees

  • A patron may use the USB stick only for personal use

  • A patron may NOT duplicate the USB stick to any other media

  • A patron may NOT upload the media to any other online or offline media.

  • The above policy was reviewed on 2/16/2021 and deemed protected under the doctrine of fair use by William Keenworthy, an intellectual property attorney, and a retired federal Administrative Law Judge

Audio policies
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